About Us

Are you looking for quality, affordable and adorable offerings for your benevolent furry overlords? How about clothes or jewelry expressing your love and adoration for all things dog or cat related?  Hey, we get it. We are dog and cat CRAZY over here. At Dog and Cat Party, we value you as a customer, pet lover and dog or cat servant. We carry a wide variety of well-made, out of the ordinary products that are in stock and ready to ship. Shop the selection at Dog and Cat Party today and see what we have in store for you. 
Dog and Cat Party Mission
Serving the needs of dog and cat lovers around the world, Dog and Cat Party is a customer centric company focused on offering quality products and friendly service every time you visit our site. As a leading supplier of quality dog and cat accessories, gifts and things your pet must have right now, we have made it our mission to continue carrying the innovative and ridiculously cute products our customers want at the low prices they need. Shop with us today and experience the Dog and Cat Party difference for yourself.
Why Buy From Dog and Cat Party?
Listen, we are dog and cat FANATICS. We aren't some big box store. We're pet people just like you! We dig finding the most awesome, fabulous and gorgeous products having to do with dogs and cats; It's our thing. We offer quality at affordable prices, because you and your dog or cat family member deserve it. Hey, we get that your dogs and cats are family - and you want the best quality for your family members. Dog and Cat Party has you covered!